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Mass NPC Updates

Every NPC Got a little adjustment here and there


         This weekend's update was rather large in terms of scope. With compatibility fixes, new features, and rebalancing, here is what was covered for each NPC:
Adjusted Crafting System: Instead of being spoken to about making bolts/arrows, Emily can make her own. The unique ammunition becomes stronger as she levels, though only she can use it. The number is kept at five made per rest for now, but I may look at increasing it if it isn't too unbalanced.
-Helga: Helga will now rage when below 20% health. She will only do this once per rest, and it cannot be forced for her at any point. In turn her spell abilities were generally reduced in effectiveness, with less damage or longer casting time implemented. 
Kale: Kale got a new icon for his warden spell, but otherwise in terms of power he's in a good place, acting as a good tank.
Vienxay: Vienxay's spell abilities were also pulled back a bit to offer more scaling as she levels up. She won't be able to cast it as often, but it will be more reliable to use.
Recorder: Recorder mostly got some icon fixes, and a new HLA option. This HLA increases her AC, and her party members spell resistance, while retaining her old songs bonuses and building up the int and save bonus by another one. But it's special feature is a +15% crit chance. Enhanced Spell Song is also an option for her, but both cannot be picked.

All mods also got adjusted to work correctly if legacy of Bhaal is selected and to work correctly with EET.