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Skiita's Mods

Half-Elf* Archer
Dwarf Priest of Haela
Human Invisible Blade
Halfling Warrior
Nalia At Last
Gnome Lorekeeper
Elf Shadowmage
Elf Cleric/Mage

    Emily is a noble woman hailing from Tethyr. Weary of politcs centering on who will be the next heir of House Castella, she has wandered north to find her birthmother.
    Unfortunately with the road to Baldur's Gate closed, and bandits all over the place, she seeks a friend to help guide her on her way, who in return she can provide her skills with archery against their enemies.    
  A dwarf priestess of the dwarf goddess Haela Brightaxe,  Helga has the history of many battles under her belt, with decades of veteran experience. She comes out of retirement to seek the thrill of adventure once more, and the Iron Crisis provides richly.

Hunting giants outside of Beregost, she is eager for company against these large monsters. In return, she promises her strength and healing in the battles that lie ahead of your destiny.    
  Isaac is a member of the Planar Hunters who seek to remove all outsiders, especially tieflings, from Faerun. 

Upon being defeated by the protagonist in BG1, he pledges his loyalty in exchange for his life and aid on hunting down a Tiefling who brought him great dishonor.

Isaac will be added as a subcomponent of Emily's BG1 mod, and be added as part of Skitias NPCs in January of 2023    
  The self-proclaimed hero of Gullykin, Kale is eager to leave the small village and spread his heroics to the rest of the world, though it is questionable if his title is true or self-given. Strong enough to use large weapons and quick enough to charge into the fray foolishly, he is surprisingly able to take a lot of pain and still remain standing with a smile.    
  Nalia At Last is a very long awaited romance for Throne of Bhaal in development.

It is recommended you have either the De'Arnise Romance installed or Nalia Romance installed, whichever is your favorite. It is not required however, though only do both if you are crazy.

  Recorder is a lorekeeper born in Lantan but coming from Amn. She is armed with a flute, a feisty ferret, and an eagerness to chronicle the history of now so it can be added to the texts of the temple. Traveling with friends, they set out to the Ulcaster Ruins, though the troubles of the region soon catch up to them and spell trouble for her party.

If you can help her and her friends, she in turn gives you her uncanny knowledge and spell casting capabilities, as well as her sweet music and troublesome ferret.    
  An exile from Evermeet, Vienxay bitterly walks the mostly human lands of the Sword Coast seeking revenge and purpose, while still carrying her dignity and class from the Green Isles, making her tough to love.

In BG1, she seeks to kill the elf who framed her, a Sharran mage. If you give this hand to this elf, she in return will give her own talents to the party, shadow dancing and the weave together. And in SoD she seeks out a mentor who can help give her new power for her shadow magic abilities.    
  Wings is originally a work by Coutelier, started back in the end of 2013. The main quest content was never finished, and there was a bug or two in the original mod. The completed version of Wings fixes these bugs, and also finishes adding the main quest content and a small side-quest with Minsc.

This mod also includes all of the original content, including several extra banters, and a few characters that breath a bit more life into Aerie's background.