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Chaotic Neutral


   Helga gives a long laugh when you ask about her past. A wild child in her youth, she leaped into the clergy of Haela early on, inspired by the tales of dwarven women's ferocity and feats. Now having lived over a hundred years, and fought in an equally number of battles, she seeks to remind her grown children just what she was capable of only decades ago, and to sate her own boredom and lust for combat   


   Coming from the Hall of Great Hunts far to the north, Helga comes out of retirement after years of temple duty and child caring to relive her younger fighting years. In BG1 and SoD she will gladly fight alongside a protagonist, so long as they help her protect her people or hunt her quarry.

Possessing remarkable strength despite her age, she is not as durable as her other warrior kin, and should position herself carry. Able to temporarily call into her hand a powerful blade, she is still nonetheless able to rip through enemy lines. She is not an available romance, but still provides a warm friendship for those who pursue it and enjoy battle as much as she.   


   PRIEST OF HAELA: Renown amongst the dwarves for their risk-taking, berserker tendencies, clerics of Haela Brightaxe are loved and feared for their fury when they enter the fray, able to shrug off and deliver dangerous strikes. Most are female, called Kaxanar, or blood maidens, and their name is very much earned in their pleasure in seeking out battle wherever it may be. 


-May Cast Hurl Stone Once Per Day. Gains one use at level one and an additional use every five levels thereafter. 

HURL STONE: The priest creates a magical stone the size of their palm, which flies out of their hand and into the intended target. The stone does 1d6 direct magic damage per five levels with no save, although it does not bypass magic resistance. If the creature fails a save vs spell, they are also knocked down for two rounds.

-May Cast Flamebolt Once Per Day. Gains one use at level one and an additional use every ten levels thereafter. 

FLAMEBOLT: The priest calls forth a holy two-handed blade of flame named after Haela Brightaxe's favored weapon. The caster is treated as a fighter with mastery in the weapon. The magic weapon does 1d10+1 fire damage per 5 levels, with a THACO bonus of 3. The blade acts at a speed factor of nine and lasts for one turn.

-Dwarf only. 
-May only be CN, CG, and NG.   

Disposition & Approval

   Helga uses an approval based system in BG2. She cares little for rules and peaceful solutions, and favors more violent, risk taking results in your choices. She is not evil, however, and overt malice will win her disapproval.    

Other Details

   In BG1, Helga may be found on the road between the Friendly Arm Inn and Beregost, hunting ogres in the north.

In SoD, Helga may be found fighting alongside the dwarves of Dumathoin. So long as the protagonist is willing to assist the dwarves first, she will assist the party thereafter.

In BG2, Helga may be found in the Den of the Seven Vales, longing for more adventurer but without a party to provide it.   

Audio & Music

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