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Neutral Good


   When asked about her past, Recorder grows quiet for a moment. She recounts a childhood spent amongst books in her father's bookbinding shop, where she delved into magic tomes, religious texts, history, and musical compositions. After learning the bard's trade, she moved to Amn with her mother, a priest of Oghma, for her work in the temple. She says little of what brought her north, only that where history is being made, it must be observed before it is lost.
  When asked about her real name, she merely calls it a decision of personal security before changing the subject.   


   Recorder is a ministrel and scholar, better known as Lorekeeper, who was born in the nation of Lantan but works for the church of Oghma in Amn. Surprisingly soft spoken, she possesses a gentle demeanor but with the wisdom of her faith, devout in the belief of recording history as it happens so it not lost for future generations. While less effective with weapons than other bards, Recorder's strength is in her song and magic, allowing her to protect her party from dangerous enchantments and cast more magic than other minstrels could manage. She possess a feisty ferret named Gustav who will bravely scout ahead if asked, and also take all the snacks if it can get away with it.

She can be seen in Candlekeep initially, though she won't join the party until later, where she is found before the ramp in Ulcaster's ruins of its school of magic.

In Siege of Dragonspear, she can be found outside the Ducal Palace in the morning when you first begin the march.   


   LOREKEEPER: Lorekeepers are bards that focus less on a generalist skill set and lean more towards spell casting, where their prodigious memory and knowledge makes them better casters than most other bards. They make excellent librarians, historians, and advisors with their large capacity for learning and recalling, with their talents ensuring history is not forgotten with the passing of time.

- +20 bonus to lore.
- +2 Spell Slots for every spell level.
- May use SONATA in place of the regular Bard Song.

SONATA: This song provides varying levels of intelligence, save bonuses, and mind protection depending on the level of the bard:

Level 1: +1 Intelligence, +1 Saves vs. Spells, Immunity to Charm and Sleep.
Level 15: +2 Intelligence, +2 Saves vs. Spells, Immunity to Charm, Sleep and Rigid/Feeblemind
Level 20: +3 Intelligence, +3 Saves vs. Spells, Immunity to Charm, Sleep, Rigid/Feeblemind and Confusion

- No Pickpocketing Skill.
- Can only be proficient in club, dagger, crossbow, and quarterstaff.   

Disposition & Approval

   Recorder is a gentle gnome who prefers the gentle approach, mercy and understanding when possible, and non-violent solutions. She will understand however when there is no choice.

 She also has an appreciation for art and music, and those who appreciate her playing and are kind to her will win her friendship and affections.    

Other Details

   In BG1, Recorder is first sighted in Candlekeep, but won't join the party until they meet her in the Ulcaster Ruins. 

In SoD, she is with the other soldiers outside the palace before the march, or can be meet in the camp at chapter 8.

In BG2 Recorder can be found in the Oghma Temple in the Dock's District.   

Audio & Music

Voice Sample