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New Warden Kit

Kale is given a new kit called the Warden, a fighter kit with emphasis on defense and fighting alongside a partner at the expense of offense.


         Today's update work includes a new kit for Kale called the Warden.

Warden: A warrior tradition placing emphasis on fighting in pairs, these warriors work best with a partner next to them, who they choose to elevate their ability in combat. The Warden takes on the defensive role in the pair, while their partner, the Ward, receives elevated offensive prowess. This comes at the cost of the own Warden’s skill with weapons being inferior to other fighter traditions, but there are few other partners one would wish to stand next to.
-Hit Die:d12
-May use WARD once per day. Gains one use at level 1, one use at level eight, an additional use every eight levels thereafter.
WARD: Designates Target as the Ward. The Ward is granted greater offensive prowess, while the Warden gains penalties for the same amount in place of bonuses to their defense for one turn. The bonuses vary on level. It does not stack with itself, and if the ward is changed, the previous ward loses their bonuses. 
Level 1: The Ward receives +1 Damage bonus, -1 Thaco. The Warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 10% resistance to physical damage and regenerates 1 Hitpoint per 6 seconds.
Level 8: The Ward receives +2 Damage Bonus, -2 Thaco. The Warden Receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 20% Resistance to Physical Damage, and regenerates 1 hitpoint per 3 seconds.
Level 16: The Ward receives +3 Damage bonus, -3 Thaco. The Warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 30% Resistance to Physical Damage and regenerates 1 hp per second.

May only become specialized in ranged weapons, and may not exceed mastery in any other weapon.

If installed for BG1, it will switch his proficiencies to shield and sword, and the use of a bastard sword and sling, versus his choices of halberd/two handed/great swords from before. 

Additionally recent updates also address some bug fixes for Recorder, and some minor adjustments for Emily, Kale, and Helga. Now that the last BG2 class is finished, BG2 work will shift towards working on each of their spawn points and joining dialogue.