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Neutral Good


   "It's that day of the week, is it?" Emily would quip, before telling you a story of her father's estate in the lands of Tethyr. She kept mostly out of the spotlight, or so she claims. She was bored of the strict regulations and etiquette, and when talks of deciding who would be the heir between herself and her brother became tense, it was an easy excuse to ask to leave to help "mend their relationship." She is not fond of her brother, and is not eager for the day she must return to resolve the dilemma of who becomes heir."   


     Meet Emily, an Archer all the way from Tethyr. Making the journey to meet her birthmother, the closing of the road to Baldur's Gate unfortunately has impeded her journey. 

  In the meantime however, she is happy to make herself helpful in her party, sporting skills in ranged combat and the ability after her talks have progressed to create arrows for the party, though only a limited amount of special arrows can be crafted. She can also modify certain bows, though only once ever, so choose the ranged weapon you wish her to enhance wisely.

  She has nine talks in BG:EE and six in SoD, cross-mod with other Skitia NPCs and AionZ's Sirene NPC Mod.

 In BG:EE/SoD she can be pursued for a romance with any race, but only male PCs.   


   Emily uses the standard archer kit, or optionally, the arcane archer kit from The Artisan's Corner You can also multi-class her to Arcane Archer/Wizard if you have the artisans-kitpack installed.    

Disposition & Approval

    If your reputation gets too low, Emily will leave the party. Low reputation can also harm the outcome of certain paths in Emily's personal quest if you are not charismatic enough to persuade her to stay.

 In BG2 Emily is planned to use the same Approval/Disposition system as Recorder. She approves of a bit of wit and considerate actions. High approval is helpful to succeed in her romance and navigate her quest line, so would be be pursuers should be mindful of what they do and say.   

Other Details

    In BG:EE you can find Emily outside of the Feldepost Inn in Beregost. She starts with two proficiency points in crossbow and longbow.

 In Siege of Dragonspear Emily will approach the party after your first conversation with Caelar and a short event in-between plays out.

 In Shadows of Amn Emily can be found in the Mithrest Inn in Waukeen's Promenade.   

Audio & Music

Voice Sample