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Neutral Evil


   Some elves are just awful, and Vienxay is said to be one of them. Vienxay would disagree with such assertions, telling you she came from a prominent house in Evermeet, until a series of 'misunderstandings' has her ousted and wandering the landscape. She speaks angrily of a visiting mage who tricked her and ruined her name and wanting to restore her former rightful glory.


    Difficult to be around, Vienxay brings all of the character from the Green Isle with her, even if she is banished from it. Falsely accused of murder, at least by her words, she wanders the Sword Coast at first seeking revenge, then purpose, and then a way home. In the saga you can assist or disrupt each step of this, guiding her as you see fit, though she will complain if it is not to her desire. 

 Vienxay's alignment can be shifted to TN in BG2. In a coming revised update, the choices that can lead to this path may cost Vienxay her class and change her to a Shadowdancer rather than her current hybrid of sorts.   


   SHADOWMAGE: Shadowmages are mage-thieves that can draw both on shadow magic and the weave, with the cunning and stealth of the shadowdancer and the mage's arsenal of spells.
  While shadow magic is not the same as the shadow weave, many are drawn to it and can learn to use it. It's dark magic gives it poor public opinion, and most of its practicioners are non-good.
- + 20% Bonus to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently
- Slippery Mind: +1 bonus to saving throws
- May cast Shadow Jump once per day. Gains one use at thief level 5 and an additional use every 5 levels thereafter.

SHADOW JUMP: Manipulating shadow, the shadowmage teleports to the selected living creature, be it ally or enemy, unseen as per the invisibility spell. For the next twelve seconds, they gain +2 to their backstab modifier and their THACO improves by %20 percent. They remain unseen until they make an attack or the spell expires.

- Alignment restricted to any non-lawful and non-good
- Backstab multiplier is one less than an unkitted Thief, cannot backstab until level 5.
- May only distribute 20 skill points per level (30 at level 1) among thieving skills 
- Cannot Hide in Plain Sight.
- Cannot put points into Set Traps 
- Hit Die: d5   

Disposition & Approval

   Vienxay uses the approval system in BG2:EE. She favors pragmatic or self-assisting actions over altruism, though if shifted to TN via the eventual fork, her view is slightly softened.    

Other Details

   Vienxay can be found just outside the Friendly Arm Inn in BG1, and in a cell in SoD. In BG2, she can be found in the Promenade right outside the Adventurer's Mart, about to be arrested. You can intervene and recruit her then, or find her and recruit her from the jail later.

Vienxay will generally not get along drow, requiring a bit of persuasion to stick around with them. This will worsen in planned BG2 content depending on the choices made, possibly escalating into full blown conflict. Valygar will also have little patience for her, possibly escalating into violent conflict.   

Audio & Music

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