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Chaotic Neutral


   Kale claps his hand on your back and almost eagerly launches into his story. Born faster, stronger, and more courageous than the rest of Gullykin combined, he describes himself as a daredevil and ladies' man, listing exploits of strength and flashing scar after scar. While the other hin of Gullykin were more homebodies or expert cons, Kale quickly realized his peerless strength and flashed it as his feat of mettle. Still, you have a feeling he is exaggerating when he begins to describe the process of slaying a wyvern with a sword into it's hindquarters blindfolded. He ends with how proud his mother is, obviously very fond of her as he goes into how much she gushes over his stories.   


    A teller of tall-adventures he may or may not have had, Kale is a heroic seeming haflling from Gullykin, with a quick grin and a dashing cloak. However, he seems more grim than he appears, a smile hiding insecurities and frustrations with the inability to be great. 

 Your party provides a chance for him to prove himself to himself and the rest of the world, and he'll gladly bring on his canny ability to take a lot of hits and keep standing, his wit and charm, and his swing to help the party through whatever they are to endure.   


   Kale uses the Barbarian Class in BG:EE, but in BG2 and optionally in BG:EE he comes with the Warden Kit

Warden: A warrior tradition placing emphasis on fighting in pairs, these warriors work best with a partner next to them, who they choose to elevate their ability in combat. The Warden takes on the defensive role in the pair, while their partner, the Ward, receives elevated offensive prowess. This comes at the cost of the own Warden’s skill with weapons being inferior to other fighter traditions, but there are few other partners one would wish to stand next to.
-Hit Die:d12
-May use WARD once per day. Gains one use at level 1, one use at level eight, an additional use every eight levels thereafter.
WARD: Designates Target as the Ward. The Ward is granted greater offensive prowess, while the Warden gains penalties for the same amount in place of bonuses to their defense for one turn. The bonuses vary on level. It does not stack with itself, and if the ward is changed, the previous ward loses their bonuses. 

Level 1: The Ward receives +1 Damage bonus, -1 Thaco. The Warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 10% resistance to physical damage and regenerates 1 Hitpoint per 6 seconds.

Level 8: The Ward receives +2 Damage Bonus, -2 Thaco. The Warden Receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 20% Resistance to Physical Damage, and regenerates 1 hitpoint per 3 seconds.

Level 16: The Ward receives +3 Damage bonus, -3 Thaco. The Warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 30% Resistance to Physical Damage and regenerates 1 hp per second.

-May only become specialized in ranged weapons, and may not exceed mastery in any other weapon.   

Disposition & Approval

   Kale uses the approval system in BG2. He tends towards a free-spirit, and isn't fond of actions that are too orderly, overly risky without any self-benefit, or takes away freedom. He can however, become LN depending on choices made, changing much of his views.   

Other Details

   In BG:EE Kale can be found in Gullykin, ready to get out into some action with the right group.

In SoD, Kale can be found in the Elfsong Tavern. Kale does not like the idea at all of traveling with a goblin, and the protagonist will have to persuade him to put up with it or he will not stay in a party with them.   

Audio & Music

Voice Sample